Papers, Reports, and Proposals


(Full Document): Constituent Communication in Representative Democracy: Testing Platforms for Deliberation in the U.S. Congress

(Public Report): Digital Deliberation. Analysis of a Lawmaker-driven, Online, Constituent Engagement Pilot Project.


Communications technology as symbols of institutional legitimacy in the U.S. congress. JITP 2019.

Information Materialities of Citizen Communication in the U.S. Congress. CSCW 2019.

White Papers:

My White Paper From Congressional Staff Interviews: “Constituent Correspondence In the U.S. Congress: A Survey of Staff Perspectives

Advancement Exams:

UCI Informatics Comprehensive Exam Submission: “Information and Communications Technology (ICT) used for representative-constituent communication in the U.S. Congress


My NSF GRFP Submission: My Proposal and Personal Statement.

My CV of Failures