About Me

Me sitting on a rock I’m a Ph.D. candidate at the University of California, Irvine in the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences. I work under the advisement of Dr. Melissa Mazmanian. Using theories in political representation, digital democracy, and human-computer interaction, I am investigating how the U.S. Congress uses ICT for constituent-communication.

The XKCD Simple Version: I study how computers can help people in power talk with the people they work for to find, learn, and understand all sorts of stuff that can help them make important choices.

Recent Media:

New journal article! Communications Technology as Symbols of Institutional Legitimacy in the U.S. Congress. April 2020.

How Congress turns citizens’ voices into data points. The Conversation. September 2019

“We will never have a perfect world, but it’s not romantic or naive to work toward a better one.”—Steven Pinker